JSC «TechPromAtom» provides a complete supply of the equipment, as well as design and contract work for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of the equipment for the nuclear facilities, energy facilities and other industrial facilities both in Russia and abroad.

The quality policy of JSC «TechPromAtom» is an integral part of the company’s general policy and corresponds to its development goals.

JSC «TechPromAtom» sees its MISSION in meeting the requirements of the JSC «Rosenergoatom Concern», as well as other Customers and stakeholders, by providing a full and high-quality package of services for the supply and development of equipment.

Strategic goals:

– the development of design documentation and supply of equipment with high technical and economic indicators, providing high quality services, to preserve existing markets and develop new seller’s one for products and services while maintaining safe working conditions for employees, regulatory requirements and standards, norms and rules in the field of the use of atomic energy, labour protection and the environment;

– ensuring of firm economic development and economic stability of the company, which are a guarantee of the decent existence of each employee of the company, mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and all parties interested in.

Strategy for the achieving of the aims in the field of quality

Consumer orientation

– identification and satisfaction of the consumer requirements and other parties interested in the process of the results of activities;

Constant improvement

– ensuring the effective functioning of the quality management system based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard;

– participation of the management and all employees of the company in the functioning of the quality management system;

– risk analysis at all stages of the company based on the results of the analysis, timely adjustment of the activities;

– ensuring of the technical development of the company based on innovative approaches to the management of the equipment development taking into account on modern information technologies.


– the establishment of the reliable and mutually beneficial relations with partners;
– selection of contractors capable of providing services and supplying equipment to provide JSC «TechPromAtom» the opportunity for the implementation of this Policy.

Human resources

– constant improvement of the professional level of knowledge and skills of the company’s employees;

– regular study and company employees’ examination on the requirements of the standards and rules in the field of atomic energy use;

– employees motivation and support of ideas and suggestions aimed at the improvement of all company’s activities

Understanding the importance of JSC «TechPromAtom» goals, the company’s management is responsible for the implementation of this Quality Policy and will actively contribute to bringing it to every employee of the company, fully understanding and accepting it by every employee.